Complete transformation from trawler vessel to longliner

Works carried out:

– Complete ship breaking in spaces below main deck and aft

– Building and mounting the new structural configuration below main deck and above main deck

– Closing the aft area

– Arrangement and mounting maneuver areas for longlining fishing port

– Arrangement and building of anchorage and working systems of a longliner vessel

– Building a bait refrigerated store and repair the fishing hold

– Dismantling and building new arrangement of equipments in the engine room. Installation of all required lines, such as, cooling, sanitary, supply, etc.

– Installation of two new auxiliary engines.

– Mounting and installation of new equipments of services arranged in machinery.

– Mounting and installation of new cooling system for provision store and refrigerated store.

– Complete overhaul shaft line and main engine

– Complete painting treatment including complete sand blasting