Our Shipyard has two slipways for new buildings and repairs with the following dimensions: 122×20 m (7 m draft), 90×14 m (7 m draft) and we also have one fitting out quay of 105 m, and 7,5m of draft.

The slipways are equipped with two cranes with a capacity of 14 tons, each one, and a gantry crane of 50 tons. There are also the following equipments: two DEMAG mobile cranes of 45 tons each one, two IMENASA mobile cranes of 5 tons each one; one articulated and hoisting platform of 24 m ; three loading power shovels, and also different means of hoisting and loading.
Our Shipyard have a covered area of approx. 13,565 m2, and boilerwork, welding mechanization, piping, electrical, ship carpentry and joiner and insulation workshops. Warehouse for the building and fitting out of the blocks under cover.
All warehouses are equipped with gantry cranes, except for the boilerwork shop which is equipped with four gantry cranes. The warehouses are equipped with all the necessary elements and machinery for its activity.


Day by day we continue our process
of expansion and innovation


Our bigger slipway has capacity for ships until 119.00 m in length and 18.50 m in breath and our second slipway has capacity for ships until 90.00 m in length and 14.00 m breath.

Own fitting-out

Our own fitting-out pier having a length of more than 105 m can accommodate vessels until 119.00 m in length.


Astilleros Ría de Avilés, S.L. owns the following stated workshops:

Steel workshops exceeding 2,000 m2 being fitted with:

  • 4 overhead travelling cranes of 10 t.
  • Hydraulic presses.
  • Cylinders for bending plates.
  • Machinery for bending profiles.
  • Bending machine
  • Plate cutting machine, etc.
  • Flame cutting machines

The shipyard also have its own workshop for mechanizing / adjusting / mechanics exceeding 600 m2 being fitted with a variety of machinery such as lathes, drilling machines, milling machines, saws, machines for cleaning pieces by ultrasounds.

In order to give full service to our customers, Astilleros Ría de Avilés, S.L. counts on a wide warehouse where the different pieces of equipment, tools, stock of materials / raw materials are stowed.

Likewise, the shipyard has piping workshop where the works related to the laying of piping are carried out. It counts with pipes bending machines, saws, etc.

Carpentry workshop fitted with its relevant machinery; disk saws, combined machines, etc. to carry out any work for the ships accommodation or whatsoever.

Industrial unit

A new 1,000 m2 industrial unit for pre-manufacturing steel blocks was also built, as well as a 600 m2 carpenter shop, a new 500 m2 industrial unit for warehousing, and a 3-floor building for offices.


We have different mobile and fixed cranes.


2 Naval architect

1 Chief of production

4 Mechanical masters

2 for steelworks, 1 for welding
and 1 for mechanical works

1 Chief engineer

Ship´s chief

A new 1,000 m2 industrial unit for pre-manufacturing steel blocks was also built, as well as a 600 m2 carpenter shop, a new 500 m2 industrial unit for warehousing, and a 3-floor building for offices.

We have different mobile and fixed cranes.

It must be strongly stressed that ASTILLEROS RIA DE AVILÉS, in addition of carrying out marine repairs and conversions at their own facilities, conducts too repair works in other piers, e.g. commercial port of EL MUSEL (Gijón), commercial port of Avilés, commercial port of A Coruña, commercial port of Santander, commercial port of Bilbao, commercial port of Ribadeo, and also at the fishing ports of Burela-Cillero (LUGO), fishing waterfront of Santander, etc. Therefore, and by way of example, we show you a number of repairs conducted during the last four years.

Marine repairs are conducted too in distant ports prior to contract our clients such as in Vigo, Sines – PORTUGAL, Algeciras (CÁDIZ), Sevilla, Huelva…

Astilleros Ría de Avilés, S.L. has a 24h emergency marine repairs service where a number of different qualified technicians give answer to the demand of our clients 365 days a year.

In addition of the marine repairs in our own facilities as well as in other ports, we have also conducted repairs on board ships when they are in transit.

    Our extensive portfolio of different types of repair/maintenance works include the following:

    • Marine repairs
    • Technical assistance
    • Marine conversions
    • Lengthening of ships
    • Diesel internal combustion machinery (main engines and auxiliary engines)
    • Mechanics in general, such as: servo rudders, mooring equipment, valves, coolers, pumps for different services, hydraulic cylinders.
    • Building and repair of pipes for different services, dimensions, etc.
    • Electrical machinery, such as motors, alternators, transformers, etc.
    • Power (supply, generation, distribution…)
    • Electronics
    • Refrigeration and industrial cold
    • Shot-blasting, surface treatment and painting of ships (outside and inside).
    • Renewal of steel
    • Repairs afloat in our own commercial pier.
      (vessels length until 119 m, having a depth when in equinoctial low tide of  -7.5 m, and a working surface of 3,100 m2)
    • Repairs afloat in other quays and ports.
    • Repairs on board ships when in transit.