Transformation of Fresh Trawler into Freezer Trawler

Works carried out:

– Sand blasting of the hull, interior dead-works, masts, bridge, main deck, etc.

– Painting scheme.

– Change main engine and gear-box.

– To change the basements of the main engine and gear-box.

– Dismantle and install the articulated rudder for checking.

– Supply, build and install a new tail shaft made of stainless steel, grade Aisi 316 L.

– Renew zinc anodes.

– Overhaul auxiliary engines.

– Overhaul two alternators 350 kVA.

– Renewal of steel in all the surface of the main deck.

– Build and install a new fish hopper on main deck, made of stainless steel, grade Aisi 316L.

– Build and install a tank, made of stainless steel, grade Aisi 316L, capacity 5,000 l, for storing cold water.

– Supply and install isolation for two freezing tunnels on main deck.

– Installation on main deck of naval steel bulkead for sepration between the fish handling area and the new tween deck hold.

– Complete isolation for a temperature of -35ºC for the tween deck hold.

– Unlining the new cargo fish hold, isolation of the cargo fish hold for a temperature of -35ºC.

– To build a new mast of two legs for installing on the casings.

– To build two naval aluminium booms for installing on the casings.

– To build and install different sorting tables for seafood, made of stainless steel.

– To change stainless steel hatches, grade Aisi 316 L, placed on main deck and upper deck.

– Supply and install a machine for sorting seafood.

– Supply and install cooling equipment in fish cargo hold, freezing tunnels and tween deck hold.

– Check the fresh water maker and fuel oil separator.

– To change the fire-fighting pumps and also the washdeck and gasoil transfer pumps.

– Change fans in engine room.

– Change exhaust pipes in engine room, and aslo the isolation of these pipes.

– Change completely the gratring platform of engine room.

– Change all valves of engine room.

– Change all the pipes (gasoil, oil, etc) of engine room.

– Reconditioning the the main switchboard.

– Different carpentry works in accommodation.

– To build the galley and install the electric cooker.

– To supply and install different electric switchboards