Transformation Supply Vessel called “Apollo Sun” in Longliner

Works carried out:

– Sand blasting (life works and dead works) and painting of the hull.

– To carry out the closing aft in main deck for the longlining fishing operation, with realising doors.

– To build a space for the longlining hauler, made of stainless steel, grade Aisi.

– Dismantle and install the rudder and controllable pitch shaft line for checking.

– To build toilets and cabins on main deck.

– To build new cargo hold at 0ºC and bait hold at -14ºC.

– Different electric works.

– Different mechanical works.

– Different pipe works in engine room.

– To carry out an hydraulic installation for the different equipments in the fish handling area, such as, the longlining bottom hauler.

– Overhaul alternators 150 kVA.

– Overhaul main engine and gear box.

– Different carpentry works for accommodation.