20 m. LOA Trawler

Length overall 23,22m
Length BP 18m
Moulded breadth 6,20m
Moulded depth to main deck 2,90m
Moulded draft 2,46m
Project trim 0,90m
Fueloil capacity 44m3 aprox
Fresh water capacity 10m3 aprox
Oil capacity 1,5m3 aprox
Hold capacity 42m3 aprox
Crew 8
Average speed 10 nudos



Peix Mar XXVII

33.53 m. LOA Freezer Trawler Length overall 33,53m Length BP 28m Breadth 8m Moulded depth to main deck 3,60m Moulded depth to upper deck 5,75m Moulded draft 3,00m Project trim 0,90m3 Crew 20 Fueloil capacity 20000L aprox Fresh water capacity 14m3 Oil capacity 3m3 Hold...


36m. LOA Trawler Length overall 33m Length BP 28,75m Moulded breadth 10,50m Moulded depth to main deck 6,85m Fueloil capacity 110m3 aprox Fresh water capacity 35m3 aprox Oil capacity 1,50m3 aprox Hold capacity 300m3 aprox Crew 10 Flag Escocia...

Ellie Adhamh

25m. LOA Trawler Length overall 25m Length BP 20,90m Breadth 7,50m Depth 4,20m Fueloil capacity 40000L aprox Fresh water capacity 5000L aprox Lubricating oil capacity 500L aprox Hidraulic oil capacity 1000L aprox Fish hold capacity 130m3 aprox Ice stowage 10-15Tn Flag...


39m. LOA Trawler Length overall 39m Length BP 31,50m Breadth 9m Depth to upper deck 6,10m Depth to main deck 3,90m Draft 3,70m Crew 16 Tonnage 432GT Aft fish hold capacity 152m3 Forward fish hold capacity 79m3 Net fuel oil capacity 160m3 Net fresh water capacity 109m3...