Complete Modernisation

Change the steel of all upper deck, carry out a complete electric installation, carry out a complete new accommodation (galley, mess-room, toilets, cabins, stores, wheelhouse), build and install a new aluminium wheelhouse, complete overhaul shaft line, propeller, gear-box and main engine, supply and installation two new gen-sets and also new harbour gen-set, supply and install new Split winches and net drums, carry out a new hydraulic installation, and also a new electrohydraulic unit for driving the winch, supply and install a new air conditioning system, carry out the overhaul of all general services valves and installation of two general services and fire-fighting pumps, supply and install all the nautical, fire-fighting and salvage equipments, sand-blasting of the hull, main deck and upper deck and fish-handling areas aft and forward, new painting scheme for the vessel, supply and installation of new masts, including basements for the radars, and new fishing gantry, supply and installation of new watertight doors and hatches for different areas of the vessel.