Dry docking for repair and maintenance works

Works carried out:

– Sand blasting of the hull grade SA 2 1/2 and painting.

– Cleaning the ballast water tanks.

– Checking, cleaning, adjust the valves, gratings, sea chests, mud boxes, etc.

– Dismantle/install the blade of the rudder.

– Dismantle/install the tail shaft, renew the Simplex joints, dismantle variable blades, polish the propulsion propeller

– Dismantle, cleaning and pressure test of the main engine coolers, fresh water cooler of main engine, oil cooler gear-box, oil cooler auxiliary engines.

– Dismantle and install for overhaul the Intercooler turbo, change the bearings, etc.

– Different repair works of pipes in engine room, fuel oil tanks and ballast tanks.

– Complete overhaul auxiliary engines.

– Different electric works.

– Renew 50 tons of steel.

– Different mechanical works in some  equipments.